Pre-Conference Workshops

We know that Digital HR is an enormous and potentially daunting topic for even the most seasoned HR professionals. That’s why we’ve decided to put together four dedicated pre-conference masterclasses that address some of the most critical elements of digital transformations facing HR professionals. These 90 minute masterclasses are intended to provide an overview of the four elements of a successful digital transformation: people, strategy, culture, and leadership. Far from being mutually exclusive, these masterclasses will provide attendees the practical tools and experiences they need to ensure their own transformation projects are long-lasting successes.

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Creating the Digital Strategy

April 2 | 9:00 - 10:30 | Room 2

Workshop Leader: Dr. Gordon Hewitt CBE, FRSE, Professor of Business Strategy

Virtually every institution has defined “digital” as a key issue to be addressed, and one which has powerful transformation potential. In today’s dynamic, complex markets the force of “digital” can reshape the competitive map of whole industries as well as the rules of competitive engagement. It has significant “disruptive potential” especially for traditional market incumbents. Yet executive leaders still have wide ranging definitions of what digital actually means, and how it will impact them. In this Masterclass, Gordon Hewitt will lay out a framework for analyzing digital as a competitive force, not just a technological process. He will illustrate how digital transformation should affect the formulation and execution of the overall strategic agenda, and some potential roles for HR to add value to that challenge. Based on his long experience of working with CEOs and top leaders of global firms, Gordon will argue that digital dynamics should encourage leaders to think deeply about competitive relevance and not just operational efficiency.

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Gordon Hewitt, Speaker at The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam 2019Dr. Gordon Hewitt CBE, FRSE is Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, and formerly Distinguished Visiting Professor of International Business and Corporate Strategy at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. His interests cover the fields of global competition, corporate strategy and innovation, and the value added of executive leadership. His work over the last two decades, often in partnership with the late CK Prahalad, has been at the leading edge of thinking about corporate competitiveness and corporate governance.

He was given the 2007 International Distinguished Faculty Award for Best Global Educator by the Institute of Management Studies whose members comprise leading academics and consultants worldwide. His many academic awards include the title of Visiting Professor at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, where he started his career.

Gordon was awarded the title of CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in the Queen’s Honours List, and has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (FRSE) – Scotland’s National Academy of Science & Letters.  He consults worldwide to CEOs and executive leaders of global companies.

Building the Digital Culture

April 2 | 10:45 - 12:15 | Room 2

Workshop Leader: Mohamed-Hédi Charki Associate Professor of Information Systems, EDHEC Business School

A culture conducive to digital transformation is a hallmark of maturing companies. These organizations have a strong propensity to encourage risk taking, foster innovation and develop collaborative work environments. “Culture needs to support collaboration and creativity”. In these times, flexibility, agility, a taste for healthy conflict, and a whole range of cultural attributes have crossed over into the realm of strategy and skill. The successful digital transformation cases have shown the value of how a healthy cultural manifesto finds its place in a living, breathing, organization. But building a digital culture for people and business success is no mere checklist. Join this masterclass to learn more about how to set the cultural foundation for business success in the digital era. As organizational leaders, the responsibility starts with you to set the tone for the entire company, the good news is that you have a mandate like never before to build a great environment for success!

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Mohamed Hédi Charki, Speaker at Digital HR Summit Amsterdam 2019Mohamed-Hédi CHARKI is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at EDHEC Business School. He holds a Ph.D in Management Science from Paris IX Dauphine University. His area of expertise focuses on leveraging social media networks to change HR practices and exploring their impact on employees’ well-being and creativity at work. He believes in the research that makes a lasting impact on people and organizations.

Digital Leadership

April 2 | 10:45 - 12:15 | Room 1

Workshop Leader: Dr. Jennifer Jordan Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, IMD Business School

Being a leader is not easy, and being a leader in the digital age of 2019 is no different. The pace growth for digital technologies is simply not slowing down, and is beginning to have a significant impact on the workplace. In order to develop your digital leadership skills to cope with the transformations taking place, leaders need to explore a range of skills and competencies that are now more and more important. These skills and competencies include; training a flexible mind, having a hyper-awareness of the external environment, and being able to operate comfortably with ambiguity. You will also need the ability to tackle such dilemmas as leading and motivating virtual teams, challenges regarding diversity and equal opportunity, globalization, and how to lead in an era of extreme uncertainty and rapid change. Join this masterclass to learn more about digital leadership, and the skills and competencies that will contribute towards positive business growth, and interpersonal success.

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Dr. Jennifer Jordan, speaker at The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam 2019Jennifer Jordan is a social psychologist and is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD.

Professor Jordan’s teaching, research, and consulting focus on the areas of digital leadership, ethics, influence, and power. Professor Jordan has received specialized training and certifications in lie- and truthfulness-detection, as well as in conflict resolution within organizations. Her work in these areas has appeared in several scientific journals including, she has also contributed to several publications as an author and editor.

Prior to joining IMD, Professor Jordan was an Associate Professor and Rosalind Franklin Fellow at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands and a post-doctoral fellow at the Kellogg School of Management and Tuck School of Business in the United States.

The Tech Fallacy – Why People are the Key to Digital Transformation

April 2 | 9:00 - 10:30 | Room 1

Workshop Leader: Filip Moriau – CEO, Stragilon

Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape, leaving managers scrambling to find a technological fix that will help their organizations compete. This workshop offers managers and business leaders a down-to-earth guide for surviving digital disruptions―but it is not simply a workshop about technology. It is a workshop that focuses on how both organizational and human – technical and adaptive – changes are required to effectively harness the power of technology to make transformations a long term success. After all, what use is the latest technology when the skills, culture, and strategies that your people possess are not up to standard?

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Filip is Founder and CEO of Stragilon, a Berlin-based consultancy in Innovation, Agility & Development. Prior to this, he served as Director of Human Resources & Legal Affairs for international companies such as Weber, Cisco Systems, Biogen Idec and Tosoh. Throughout his career, Filip has worked in cross-cultural environments in diverse areas from Tokyo and Silicon Valley to Berlin.

With each of these Masterclasses lies a core piece of the wider puzzle.

Digital Transformations are a very challenging part of the modern workplace, and this can be particularly true for HR.

As the department responsible for the organization’s most valuable assets – people, HR professionals simply must be at the vanguard of developing the people practices, the strategies, the culture, and the leadership skills to lead change processes in the digital age. It’s not all about the technical acumen – AI, analytics, and tools. It’s also about developing and fine-tuning your adaptive skills so that the digital future becomes a successful one for you, your people, and your business.

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