Over the last few years, digital technologies have begun to make a huge impact on the operations of many organizations. As more an more companies embark upon the journey towards digital transformation, a whole new landscape of possibilities are now emerging.

The rise of AI, cognitive computing, robotics, IoT among many, have signaled the beginning of a new era. Yet despite these revolutionary technologies, becoming digital is not merely adopting new digital tools – it requires an evolution in mindset, and quite often, significant leadership and cultural changes as well.

There is now a pressing mandate for HR and business professionals to not only embrace digital technologies, but also new management methodologies, and a variety of organizational transformation challenges. The future of work and HR is already here – it’s time to adapt, learn, and grow.

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Now with the Digital HR Summit ending, we are concentrating on our upcoming events!

Upcoming events

HR Congress 2019 - Nice, France

The HR Congress is more than just a conference – a place for senior HR professionals to meet and discuss the latest trends across the world of work. It’s more than just an international learning environment for subject matter experts. It’s more than just a place to experience great networking and social opportunities with like-minded peers.

It’s a place for all of this – but most importantly, it’s a place where we will join forces to craft and
design the people-centric organizations of tomorrow. It’s a place where we will build organizations that are more agile, adaptive, responsive, ethical, and successful.

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Agile HR and Talent Management Masterclass

Developing the blueprint for Agility in HR and the organization to ensure sustainable business success

The only course that offers you a unique blended approach to ensure a high level of skill transfer, enabling your organization to win in the marketplace!

You will benefit from a 60-minute pre-training virtual session, plus a two-day intensive in-person, action-based learning. If you participate, you will leave the masterclass with some great skills you can transfer into sustainable business impact!

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Digital HR Summit Agenda

The Digital HR Summit Amsterdam features an agenda carefully crafted to cover the most pressing challenges facing HR professionals during their digital transformation process and beyond. With a selection of leading keynote presentations and two dedicated tracks, it’s a detailed platform to learn more about a critical juncture in modern business operations. Read the full summary of the Digital HR Summit 2019.

Summit Summary

Our Speakers

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Full Speaker Faculty

Why Digital HR and Why now?

Companies when they think Digital they think Information Technology – however, it’s much more about People than IT. To harness the cognitive capacity of people we must move from industrial digital to human digital.

Ade McCormack
Digital Business and Transformation Advisor
FT Columnist
What is the single most critical element of digital transformation? It is culture. You have to change the culture if you want to be successful in the digital world.

David Sperl
 HR Director Digital EMEA & APAC
GE Healthcare
I wouldn’t see digital HR as a disruption element or a cause or case for disruption, I would rather see it as an enabler for HR. HR used to have a hammer and a screwdriver to fix things, today they have a super well-equipped toolbox to do that. The only thing they have to figure out is what to use each tool for.

Michael Custers
Chief Marketing Officer
NGA Human Resources

Digital HR Summit Media Partner

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The Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked global provider of executive education

Feedback that inspires. Tandem is moving beyond performance management so that you can optimize the potential of your people. We provide crowdsourced, real-time feedback that energizes your people to achieve more. Managers & employees see their feedback in real time. They can identify their own strengths & weaknesses and take practical steps to improve themselves. Our insightful analytics allow HR to build and measure a performance culture that inspires. We provide meaningful data HR need to influence business strategy.


TI People supports global HR leaders in their digital journey.

We use a co-creation approach with our most progressive clients to build technology, insights, benchmarks and services in three key areas, underpinning a successful digital HR transformation:

(1) Consumerization of HR through design thinking and customer experience measurement
(2) Workforce Analytics through innovative workforce planning, descriptive, and predictive analytics
(3) New Organization of Work through the management of skill-based, dynamic organizations

We were founded in 2016 and our teams are based in Hamburg, Germany, Washington DC, USA and London, United Kingdom.


Intuo is a Talent Enablement Platform.

We pride ourselves in helping organisations become more human-centric, by facilitating their process through software updates, at their own pace.

Intuo focuses on facilitating onboarding and coaching, empowering employees, creating trustworthy relationships through feedback, and maintaining performant and attractive company culture.

Intuo gives insight into which talents fill in what role in your strategy. This allows you to give your employees more ownership over their growth and career, which translates into better engagement, happiness, and retention. This newly-found engagement will also be the main source of your people's performance and dedication to become the best and stay ahead of your competition. Monitor your attractive company culture to keep appeal high towards promising new profiles. But what intuo does best is helping you to coach them to a more productive and motivated state. Helping your people to succeed every day is no small feat, but with intuo you will be able to turn it into an manageable routine.

That's a promise.


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Global Employee Incentive and Recognition Platform developed by biggloyalty, targeting human resources departments of corporations for engaging their employees on a platform where participants thank and congratulate one another and managers reward them for achievements made in accordance with company values.


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